Therapy Thursday!!


Bio-identical Hormone Therapy is the industry's leading anti-aging and wellness treatment... it is the fountain of youth for both men and women! Look and feel years younger, have more energy, increased libido, mental focus, and lean muscle tone! Call us at 214-987-9203 for a complimentary consultation or visit   #hormones #hormonetherapy #bioidenticalhormones #wellness #youth #antiaging [...]

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Transformation Tuesday!


Transform your body and turn back time with Peptide Therapy! A natural way to increase your body's own hormone production! Build lean muscle, decrease body fat, and strengthen joints, tissues, bones, and your immune system! Rejuvenate skin and hair! Special pricing available! This is an actual Peptide Therapy patient only 2 weeks after starting her [...]

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Happy Valentines Day From Total Med Solutions


Happy Valentines Day! Come see us at any location - Allen, Dallas or Plano to take advantage of our specials: 1 Syringe of Restylane and 50 Units of Dysport: $429 2 Syringes of Restylane and 50 Units of Dysport: $849 Earn Rewards!! Register at Aspire Rewards. Valid through February 28, 2018. #totalmedsolutions #restylane #dysport [...]

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Don’t Miss This Great April Offer!


Get 20 Units of Botox for only $169 (Save 30%) Botox is one of the most popular “anti-aging” treatments in the U.S. — with more than 2 million people expected to have BOTOX treatments this year. Simply put, Botox let’s those muscles relax and once that happens the skin unfolds and has a chance to [...]

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What Is Dysport Treatment?


What Is DYSPORT ® Treatment? What is DYSPORT ® treatment? This refers to the use and application of a type of prescription medicine, usually injected into your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Cosmetically, its purpose is to bring an improvement on how your frown lines look. When you undergo this procedure, the medicine [...]

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Dy Sport: Is It the Wrinkle Revolution?


Dy Sport: What Gives? Dy sport is a simple cosmetic procedure that is only performed in a doctor’s office. It is popularly used to treat wrinkles or worry lines that you can find on the forehead creases, eyebrows, and areas around the eyes or the crows feet. The treatment can be expensive but this depends [...]

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All About Dysport Cosmetic


DYSPORT ® Cosmetic in its Simplest Form DYSPORT ® cosmetic is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure used to deal with frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crows feet. It is found to be effective in adults who are under 65 years old. However, the effects only last for a certain period of time, typically 4 months. You [...]

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Hello Wrinkle Free Face With Dysport for Crows Feet


The Truth About DYSPORT ® for Crows Feet DYSPORT ® for crows feet can be attributed to a protein that is initially used in treating motor disorders. When the skin starts to lose its elasticity and creases start to deepen and leave their marks on the face, this procedure can restore that youthful glow. When [...]

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Turn Back the Hands of Time With Dysport for Forehead Wrinkles


What Is DYSPORT ® for Forehead Wrinkles? DYSPORT ® for forehead wrinkles is an injection treatment approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). It relaxes the facial muscles found on the forehead to reduce or improve the appearance of fine lines. To work its science on your face, the treatment needs to be injected [...]

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The Wrinkle Remover Called Dysport


DYSPORT ® Information You Should Know DYSPORT ® is a simple and non-surgical treatment used to deal with unwanted lines or wrinkles on the face. It relaxes the facial muscles on your forehead so the wrinkles and frown lines can be reduced and smoothed. The treatment goes back in the early 1990s when it was [...]

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