Finding a Quality Center for Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement

Hormone Replacement Therapy can give you renewed energy!

There are a daunting amount of options for medical spas that offer hormone replacement in Plano and Dallas. How does Total Med Solutions differentiate itself from the crowd of establishments fighting to systematically replace all of the hormones of Dallas’ menopausal women?

Total Med Solutions has decided to focus on three important factors – service to our patients, quality of our hormone replacement products, and convenience in locations.

When a patient is considering hormone replacement therapy, it is because they are currently at a junction in their lives where their bodies are going through surprising changes and uncomfortable symptoms. Offering high quality hormone replacement to menopausal patients in the Allen, Plano, and Dallas areas was not something that was thought about twice.

Why is Hormone Replacement Good for Women?

Said simply, many women suffer from the side effects of having their estrogen and progesterone hormones lowered during menopause or through a variety of other conditions. Given the exception of women who have had a hysterectomy, patients at Total Med Solutions who are taking HRT for menopausal reasons are given combination of both of these hormones.

Put simply, hormone replacement helps patients improve the quality of their lives by controlling the symptoms of menopause. It is important to know that HRT is not a long-term therapy – in order for the benefits to outweigh the known risks, patients can start HRT as soon as their menopausal symptoms begin to show (normally around 52 years of age) and should not undergo HRT treatment for longer than five years.

An Experienced Staff

The staff at Total Med Solutions understand this process and have dedicated patient counselors to walk patients through the hormone replacement process from the beginning of their HRT journey to the up to five years they may spend on continuing the treatment.

If you or someone you know is considering hormone replacement in Alle, Plano, or Dallas please don’t hesitate to seek out your nearest Total Med Solutions location to speak with a patient counselor.