Fat Burner Shots
"Normally I have gotten my fat burner shots just perfect by the medical assistant I believe her name is Kayjal. She is one of the best to give shots. At first when I purchased my package of 12 fat burner shots I was very nervous about receiving the shots. The medical assistant that I mentioned above helped me feel very comfortable. I could hardly even feel the needle! Which is why she is one of the best !! This last shot I had got was by the Nurse practitioner and it was the worst shots ever! I was very sore for 3 days, I even got a bad bruise where she had gave me the shot. Crazy to think the medical assistant was way better than the NP. She had no clue of what she is doing CLEARLY. I highly recommend if you purchase any type of shots DO NOT LET THE NURSE PRACTITIONER Brittany give you any shots. The Medical assistant is the best! I repeat THE BEST !!" 2/23/2021