Emotional and Physical Changes: Is it Low T That Triggers Them?

Sometimes, it can be the weather that is making you feel the blues, but is it low t? When testosterone dips to its lowest point, an individual will start showing both emotional and physical changes. This hormone reaches its peak during your puberty and early adulthood days but will start to drop once you reach 30 years old. As it slowly reaches a slow point, you will experience changes in your sex drive, bone mass, muscle strength, and sperm production. These are symptoms that are also often mistaken as signs of aging. How can you differentiate?

Is it Low T?

Is it Low T?

Is It Low T? 5 Alarming Testosterone Symptoms You Should Know

Here are some signs that what you are feeling is not a sign of old age but rather your testosterone falling. First, your sex drive changes and becomes lower than usual. It is either manifested when you have trouble having or maintaining an erection and reaching an orgasm during intercourse. Second, your semen volume lowers. As testosterone is needed in producing semen, the lower your levels are the lower the sperm volume becomes. Third, you are losing hair. It is not just your shampoo but also this hormone that makes you lose both facial and body hair as you grow older. Fourth, you always feel tired. This is one of the usual symptoms which is often accompanied by lower motivation. Fifth, you are getting fat. It is not just the pizza but your male hormone that affects your genes’ capacity to control body fat or is it low t?

Is it Low T You Can Kiss Goodbye?

If you are exhibiting any of the signs above, can you still do something? This depends on what causes your hormone levels to drop. If it is due to a medical condition, depending on what type, you can still find a treatment. If it is due to aging, there are therapies you can try to bring your hormone levels to normal.

Treatment Options When Is it Low Testosterone That Plagues You

Approved treatments you can discuss with your doctor include the following. First, you have gels and solutions which are usually applied on a daily basis. Second, you have patches which are also applied daily. Third, you have injections that are usually administered in a 1-2 week interval. Fourth, you have oral medication with a 12 hour absorption period. Fifth, you have pellets which require a surgical procedure so these can be inserted under the skin nearest to the hips. If is it low t you wish to solve, these treatment options can be your savior.