What You Need To Know About The Side Effects Of Hormone Replacement

Side Effects of Hormone ReplacementThis article is designed to address the side effects of hormone replacement caused by low testosterone or progesterone levels as a result of aging. Treatments are available using estrogen only, or a combination of progesterone and estrogen. There are benefits, but there are also risks for persons who will undergo these types of therapy. Before you sign up for HRT, find out the possible replacement side effects.

Side Effects of Hormone Replacement for Females

Women who have HRT can experience some negative effects due to the hormones used, but most women see such dramatic improvements in their lives that they consider the minimal side effects to be worth it!  Besides, any discomfort brought on by therapy usually improves during the first three months of treatment. If there are any side effects that you wish to eliminate, you can consult a doctor and find ways to reduce them through a change in dosage or a different method of administering the therapy.

Side Effects of Hormone Replacement for Males

Men who have HRT can exhibit some side effects, but typically these can be reduced or eliminated completely through careful considerations by you and your physician.  Adjusting doses, making changes in lifestyle, and choosing the delivery method all play a part in creating hormone replacement therapy that works for you.

Looking Beyond the Therapy Side Effects: Is it Worth It?

Your desire to improve your low hormone levels means that you are seeking to improve your lifestyle. The side effects may just be worth it – especially if the HRT brings an improvement in weight loss, bone density, or muscle growth. Some effects may sound slightly annoying, but most people using hormone therapy claim that with a few lifestyle changes and periodic check-ups with a doctor, these effects are easily tolerable.  You should always consult a doctor and weigh your options so that you know the potential side effects of hormone replacement for both males and females.